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The new Satan Sam v3.1
written and tested by: Ronny
If you believe the author of this game one as editor will not benefit from telling you about the game’s story.

Who cares, a bit of storytelling has not hurt somebody in history and so I have to say that Satan Sam is one of those mono-coloured characters whose village - genre-like - has run into problems and is now only rescueable by the player.

Ok, this part is finished, let us continue to the real things - the gameplay: Enemies have to be put away and some riddles have to be solved. The latter can get really ’firm’ with the progress of the game’s levels and therefor it could be the biggest challenge for an impatient player.

If our protagonist is not confronted with such fiddly situations he could use his weapon while hitting the Ctrl-key. If you press this key for one or two seconds, Santa Sam will shoot a super shot. A hero without the ability of jumping is no real hero in this genre and so Sam jumps if you press Shift and if you do this twice times, Sam is able to jump another time straight in the air. This could be useful for reaching higher platforms.

Graphically one may say that The new Satan Sam is a two edged sword because of its small resolution it has to take his toll concerning the grade of details and a dowdiness on screens bigger than 19". On the other hand one as editor can catch himself of being reminded on consoles like Genesis, SNES and so on - and it’s kind of confusing to enjoy such graphics in 2006.

In exchange the sound is convincing and kind of discreet instead of hammering through your speakers. A milestone when compared to midi-sounds of other freeware games. This increases the file-size somewhat - but flatrate-users will categorize this as ’who cares’.


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