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Nothing is better than to awaken and to recognize: somethings wrong in and at your head - let me circumscribe: Your head is mutated.

Ok, that’ll do for a review-introduction ;D. While playing Spiderhead you take the role off very this person and you nearly have the quest to save the world - oh well just nearly.

Primarily equipped with one weapon, they will increase up to five in the whole six levels Spiderhead provides you with. Left hand positioned over Ctrl, Shift and Space and the right one over the Cursor-keys the amusing Eyehead-shooting can begin.

Eyeheads are the at the beginning only stupidly acting Bang-Boys from the opposites party and they are equipped with industry-standard-pistols and painful tools out of the metal processing industry-branch. They are all about the levels but there’re also helping fellow men with nice tips or a textballon only containing thankful words about their rescue (of course: you’re their hero ;D).

There’s nothing more to say about Spiderhead: it’s fun to bang and jump from level to level and to finnish their bosses for getting their weapons.

The graphics which are presented in Spiderhead are kind of pixelstyle although the backgrounds differ from them: they seem to be kind of blurred. The sound is rated the same way: a firm music in the background and recognizable soundeffects for the weapons.

If you come along without pixel blood and 3d graphics and you anyhow want to experience a short adventure then you’ll just have to download Spiderhead and after enjoyment for some minutes/hours is guaranteed.


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