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14.05.2015 10:45

Thanks ... and welcome to our little community - maybe it is up to YOU to make TVTower known to the Spanish speaking gamers around the world.

If you want to give general feedback regarding the game: create a new topic (we will move it to the right "subforum" then).


14.05.2015 10:40

I'll get to work to better adapt the Spanish version smile

14.05.2015 09:26

Just saw that you replaced the music files instead of "appending":

Open up "config/soundfiles.xml" - and just append the music you want, no need to replace the existing ones.

There you also find possibilities to add more sfx-sounds (other door-open/close-sounds etc.)


14.05.2015 09:16

Thanks for your addition.

I will gladly use your localization (you should have been able to use a "lang_es.txt", modify the "res/language_flags.xml" to contain the flag of your choice too.
After this you just start the game, and voila... it should list your language in the language dialogue (just tested, works fine).

I use the flags from "iso-country-flags". When building the pngs of their SVG files they will be located in:

But for now I will add all possible flags to /res/gfx/gui/flags/currently_unusded" (adding 350kb to the download... but eases adding process).

- your "lang_en.txt" contains some English phrases: were you not able to translate them (need help "interpreting" them ?). Examples: some roomnames
- some phrases are auto-translated - like "genre_feature" or "hosts". the first was talking about "documentation like films" - or "journalistic work/investigative documentation" - "Reportage" in German. The second one, hosts, was talking about the person presenting a show, talking through the microphone to the guests).

As there are some things untranslated, or "wrong", I kindly ask you for your help: list things you do not know how to translate.

Ok, so what did I do now? I added your language file to the official game, added the flag ... and yes, it is working.

Regarding the database: think your split into "ads_low.xml" "ads_mid.xml" is interesting - hopefully we get an editor sooner or later assisting this work.

You asked me to add the support for "<es>" - it is already in! But as you did not add the language (lang_es.txt) it was ignored if you had them in.

So after having "lang_es.txt" you should be able to write

<programme id="54084557-4497-48d5-8e3a-6a6c987ebb26" product="1" type="1" tmdb_id="0" imdb_id="" rt_id="0" creator="">
				<de>11 Donkeys</de>
				<en>11 Donkeys</en>
				<es>12 Monos</es>
				<de>[1|Full] als potentieller Weltretter, der in die Vergangenheit geschickt wird, um die Apokalypse aufzuhalten.</de>
				<es>Año 2035. Tras la epidemia provocada por un virus asesino que ha matado a millones de personas, los supervivientes se refugian en comunidades subterráneas, húmedas y frías. El prisionero James Cole se ofrece como voluntario para viajar al pasado y conseguir una muestra del virus</es>


PS: to translate content without loosing it via an update, you always are able to "append" data via a new "zz_localization_es.xml" (zz because it is then at the end of an alphabetical sorted xml-list).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<version value="3" />
		<programme id="54084557-4497-48d5-8e3a-6a6c987ebb26" product="1" type="1" tmdb_id="0" imdb_id="" rt_id="0" creator="">
				<es>12 Monos</es>

-> would append the Spanish title to the entry with the given id ("11 donkeys")

What to do now?
Download: https://github.com/GWRon/TVTower/blob/master/res/gfx/gui/flags/es.png
place it into gamedir/res/gfx/gui/flags

Rename your gamedir/res/lang/lang_en.txt to gamedir/res/lang/lang_es.txt (same language-abbreviation like the flag!)

Should be done now.

(There is already https://github.com/GWRon/TVTower/blob/master/res/lang/lang_es.txt - but this contains some changes not used in the "20150422"-release, so just keep your file until the new release is coming).

Regarding images, music, ...
- images and music must be "public domain" or made by one who could give us the licence to open-sourcely-distribute them

- do not distribute the game with "original mad tv music" - albeit it is very good music, we do not know if we would be allowed to do so. Means: you can use whatever music you want in your game (you could even create playlists so the "TVTower"-music and yours are playing randomly).

- interface: nice that someone is playing around with our images.

Keep up translating ... think this is a big help in promoting TVTower around the world (think I already found TVTower on a Brazilian download page :-) ).


13.05.2015 21:01

First of all apologize for the language, use google translate

Greetings, I leave here the game translated into Spanish (partially)
I made some modifications in the game to make it more faithful to MADTV and some others to my liking.

List of changes
-He added some original music of MADTV
-Modified Interface panel for better viewing.
-Added Tvtower logo to the interface.
-Translation de Game  99%
-Translation of ads 10%
-Translation of movies 10%
-Translation of news 0%
-Modification Imaging film genre
-Change of English flag on Spanish flag at the start
Change of the base data structure to facilitate translation

free to do whatever they want with what I associate Please feel.

Please in future editions of TvTower will attach the <es></es> to avoid having to replace the <en></en>. Warmly'll help them translate.


Lo primero de todo pedir disculpas por el idioma, uso google translate

Saludos, os dejo aquí el juego traducido al español (parcialmente)
Hice algunas modificaciones en el juego para que sea mas fiel al MADTV y algunas otras a mi gusto.

Lista de cambios
-Se han añadido algunas musicas originales del MADTV
-Modificado panel de interface para mejorar la visualización.
-Añadido logotipo tvtower a la interfaz.
-Traducción del juego 99%
-Traducción de anuncios 10%
-Traducción de peliculas 10%
-Traducción de noticias 0%
-Modificación de imagen del genero de la pelicula
-Cambio de bandera inglesa por bandera española en el inicio
-Cambio de la estructura base de datos para facilitar la traducción

Sientanse libres de hacer lo que quieran con lo que adjunto.

Porfavor en proximas ediciones de TvTower adjunten la etiqueta <es></es> para no tener que suplantar la etiqueta <en></en> . Con gusto les ayudare a traducir.



Descomprime y juega / Decompresses and play